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Big News!

Since I began writing this blog much of the content has had to do with Postpartum Progress and the impact this organization has had on my own life.

Today, while still involving this organization, is about how I am now collaborating with Postpartum Progress to help my clients.

Earlier this year I attended the Warrior Mom Conference in Boston. That weekend many of us voiced our need to "do more". But we weren't sure exactly what that looked like. And, just like that, PP created a space for all of us through the Warrior Mom Ambassador Program!

I filled out my application and sent it in and couldn't stop thinking about it. Then I got an email back from Katherine saying "You are now an official Warrior Mom Ambassador!" I jumped up and down. I cried. I ran to my office and started organizing and making piles.

My doula bag is now filled with amazing resources that I am sharing with my clients. I am walking into homes armed with practical and easily accessible information. I have a community of other ambassadors to help me find great, credible resources for my clients. As a professional, it means a lot to know I have support and a place to go with questions I might not have the answers to. This all helps me to better serve my birth and postpartum clients.

So now, whether you hire me for overnight postpartum services, placenta encapsulation, birth plan prep or birth support you will know that there is an additional layer of support being brought to my meetings with you!

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