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Testimonials from past clients


"We tried very hard to make the arrival of the second as peaceful as possible, and we were so very lucky to have met Megan. Overnight doula care with Meg was very much like welcoming a calm and knowledgeable friend into our home and entrusting those first nights to her care. She is the best of all worlds; young and energetic, as well as wise and thoughtful in the ways of womens health. We slept, Meg brought the baby to me when he needed to eat and then cared for the rest of his needs through the night. In this way, I was able to rest and heal from my second c-section in a healthful way, successfully breastfeed, and have enough energy to care for my toddler through the days. Thanks to Meg, our home transitioned from one child to two with a well rested dad and a happy mom. We could not have done it without her." L.S.

"I was so happy to have Meg with us for the birth of our daughter! From the very first time we met her at our informational meeting, she made both my husband and me feel very comfortable, and we actually hired her right there on the spot! She was very accommodating about the location of our meetings and never made me feel rushed. She provided some very helpful resources I didn't know about and wouldn't have thought of, and in talking with her I was able to ask better questions of my midwife so I felt better prepared, even though this was my second birth. I was so excited to have a natural VBAC! She stayed with me for a while afterwards, even after my husband had left to go check on our son, which he wouldn't have felt comfortable doing if she wasn't there with me. And then she came to the house for a post partum visit when I was ready. She was not pushy at all. She listened to me reflect on the experience without any judgment. " - J.F.

"During my pregnancy Megan provided a lot of phone support, especially during my "overdue" days. She was a constant friend/professional and one of the only people who called in to check on ME. When I finally went into labor Megan met us at the hospital. When Megan walked into my room I was overcome with emotion and burst into tears. Upon seeing her I felt 100% ready to go into labor and birth my second child into the world. Megan's presence gave me strength, confidence, comfort and warmth. Megan kept me relaxed while urging me to change positions so our baby could join us in this world. I remember hearing her saying during some of my hardest contractions, “relax your face,” and with that I would take a deep breath and use all my mental energy to let my body do its work and keep the rest of myself at ease. And because of this my body reaped the benefits of bouncing back so quickly after birth." - A.W.

"From our first meeting with Megan we knew we wanted her to be a part of our birth team. Megan is extremely kind, soft-mannered, and very knowledgeable about pregnancy and labor. She was always just a phone call away if we had questions along the way and made sure we felt as comfortable as possible before our first child arrived. During the labor and delivery Megan was an invaluable part of the team. There were many times that I asked her to get me through one more contraction and she was always there to help me focus and regain my strength. If I'm ever pregnant again, I won't hesitate to have Megan be our doula. She is wonderful!" - A.H.

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