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With so many baby product and gear options, the choices can be overwhelming! Here are a few products that I trust and use with my family. Click on any of the links below to go straight to my affiliate sites. 

Earth Mama Angel Baby

makes natural and organic products for mama, baby and the whole family. Our family has super sensitve skin needs and their soap and lotion were the answer to all those allergic reactions. 

Ergobaby Carrier

I could not have survived without our ergo carrier! The versatility and comfort of the ergo brand is what makes them the gold standard in baby carriers. And with a 30lb toddler, we can still use ours today! 

From their website: The Ergobaby Carrier is designed for optimal hip placement for babies and all-day comfort for you. Padded shoulders and waistband create equal distribution across your body, while your baby sits or sleeps comfortably next to the familiarity of a family member.

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